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Vote for the 2018-2020 ESA President

Pr Antonio Delgado, from University of Seville, has been elected unanimously. He will be in charge of the ESA XVI congress to be held in Sevilla in 2020.

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XIV ESA congress

The XIV ESA congress  was  held in Edinburgh from Sep. 5-9, 2016. It was organized by AAB and SRUC.
Proceedings are now available on the intranet


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Highlight of the “EJA paper of the month” (#26 - November 2016)

The new nitrification inhibitor 3,4-dimethylpyrazole succinic (DMPSA) as an alternative to DMPP for reducing N2O emissions from wheat crops under humid Mediterranean conditions

By Ximena Huérfano, Teresa Fuertes-Mendizábal, Kevin Fernández-Diez, José María Estavillo, Carmen González-Murua, Sergio Menéndez
European Journal of Agronomy, volume 80, October 2016, Pages 78-97


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XV ESA congress

The XV ESA congress  will be held in Geneva from August 27 to 31, 2018. It is organized by Agroscope, an ESA sustaining member from 2012.
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Upcoming ESA events

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