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Highlight of the “EJA paper of the month” (#21- October 2014)

Agricultural Sciences in Transition from 1800 to 2020: exploring knowledge and creating impact
By Huub Spiertz, Centre for Crop Systems Analysis (CSA), Wageningen University  

European Journal of Agronomy, Volume 59,  2014, pages 96-106

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XIIIth ESA congress

The XIIIth ESA congress  was hosted by the Centre for Agricultural and Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Debrecen, Hungary, between 25-29 August 2014.

Abstracts and presentations of the conference are available on members'pages.


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Division co-chairs elections 2015-2016

Candidacies for division co-chairs are open until November 2nd, 2014.


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Upcoming ESA events

Upcoming events