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Highlight of the “EJA paper of the month” (#19 - March 2014)

"Is time to flowering in wheat and barley influenced by nitrogen?: A critical appraisal of recent published reports"

by Antonio J Hall, Roxana Savin, Gustavo A. Slafer
European Journal of Agronomy, Volume 54, March 2014, Pages 40-46

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Candidacies to host the 15th ESA congress in 2018

Candidacies to host the 15th ESA congress are welcomed until April 27, 2014. A first selection will be made by the ESA board to select best candidacies to be voted at the ESA General Assembly in Debrecen.

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XIIIth ESA congress

The XIIIth ESA congress  will be hosted by the Centre for Agricultural and Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Debrecen, Hungary, between 25-29 August 2014.



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Agro2015 - The 5th International Symposium for Farming Systems Design

September 7-10, 2015 - Montpellier, France

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Upcoming ESA events

Upcoming events