• Privacy and Data Protection

Statement on Privacy and Data Protection

SECTION I: General

This Statement is an addition to the Conditions of use. Therefore, the general definitions and provisions of the Terms and Conditions apply.

european-agronomy.org operates the Service in full compliance with the Directive 95/46/EC and the French laws on privacy and data protection. european-agronomy.orgr espects your privacy and therefore protects your personal data.
ESA web site is hosted by Agropolis International, avenue Agropolis, 34394 Montpellier CEDEX 5, France.

This statement is a binding agreement between the hosting web server and each User. The User expressly consents to storage and processing of his/her personal data, as described and defined in this statement.

SECTION II: Master Data

What is master data?
Master data, in this statement, means all data related directly to a User as a person, irrespective of your actual usage of the Service. This includes i.e. a User’s name, e-mail address and other contact information, gender, curriculum vitae, information about what ESA Division the User is a member of.

What master data is collected and stored oneuropean-agronomy.org?
Agropolis International server stores data you enter and submit on the ESA web site; i.e., if you submit  acurriculum vitae to your profile page, Agropolis International server will store it. Or, if you join an ESA Division, Agropolis International server will store that information.

What master data is processed by european-agronomy.org and why?
european-agronomy.org will process your data in order to run the Web service, for example, if any intranet user visits your profile page, we process your data in order to show your profile page. Furthermore, ESA reserves the right to process your master data to generate anonymous statistics. Such anonymous statistics will contain no information about any individual user.

Does ESA process my e-mail address and send e-mails?
ESA will process your email address solely to send e-mails to you containing information or notifications about the Service european-agronomy.org. ESA reserves the right to attach a minor part to such e-mails containing advertisements for products and services of any third party.

How can I see what master data is stored and how can I change or delete it?
You can see and edit your data on your profile pages. You can also delete all your master data but your name, your e-mail address and your password. If you cancel your ESA member information (if you wish to do so, please contact ESA secretary by e-mail or mail), we will delete all your data.

SECTION III: Transmission of data

Will ESA sell personal data to any third parties?
No. ESA will not sell or otherwise share personal data.

What about other third parties processing data on behalf of ESA web site?
ESA reserves the right to appoint third parties to certain tasks, such as database or software development. For that purpose, it might be necessary for personal data to be shared with and processed by such third parties. In this case, ESA remains fully responsible for your personal data and will bind any and all third parties to a written agreement ensuring they comply with this statement on privacy and data protection.

SECTION IV: Privacy and Data Protection Supervision

Whom can I contact if I have a request or complaint about Privacy or Data Protection?
ESA considers privacy and data protection to be very important issues, as they directly affect the trust between us and our valued users. For any requests or complaints relating to privacy and data protection, please contact directly ESA secretary.

SECTION V: Changes to Statement on Privacy and Data Protection

How does ESA notify Users of changes in this Statement on Privacy and Data Protection? 
When this Statement on Privacy and Data Protection changes, you will be informed at the time you login to ESA for the first time after the change was made, and you will be requested to agree to the new Statement on Privacy and Data Protection.

By using the Service, you expressly agree to this Statement on Privacy and Data Protection. 

Last modified: March, 18, 2011