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12th Congress of the European Society for Agronomy

12th Congress of the European Society for Agronomy

Helsinki, Finland, 20-24th August 2012

About 300 participants from 40 countries attended the conference, presenting over 100 talks and more than 150 posters. Proceedings  are available in ESA intranet members' pages. The XIIth ESA congress in Helsinki was a great moment for us with good science, efficient organization and friendship. On behalf of all ESA members, I express our gratitude to our now past president (Fred Stoddard) and to his team for this congress and for the discovery of Finish country, agriculture, culture and food.

Jacques WERY
ESA Executive Secretary

ESA 12 opening ceremony 280 delegates from 35 countries, including 24 European countries attended the congress. There were 125 talks in 26 scientific sessions and 158 posters. The session chairs represented 13 countries and the 15 keynote speakers were from 10 countries.

France provided the largest contingent of delegates (53)  followed by Italy with 36 and Finland with 29. Germany, Spain, the UK, Netherlands and Poland also sent large contingents. Baltic neighbors were also well represented.

As ESA memberships were  included in the registration fees, the number of ESA members has increased to 375 and is likely to increase even more before the next congress to be held in Debrecen (Hungary) in August 2014 (further information to come soon).

Another experiment is the production of a "Statement" (initially called a "Declaration"). Many of us are concerned that the CAP reforms are not designed appropriately to achieve their stated aims, and a statement has been prepared urging the required redesign of the reforms. Members will soon be able to vote on this statement and for co-chairs elections as previous co-chairs have become chairs until the 2014 congress.

Several decisions have been taken during the General Assembly, among them:

- the renewal of Jacques Wery as Executive Secretary and the secretariat management by Agropolis International
- the update of the 23 years old ESA statutes to be voted at the 2014 congress in Debrecen
- the place of the 2016 congress to be held in Edinburgh (Scotland)

Upcoming ESA events

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