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ESA Symposium

Dedicated scientific symposia

The European Society for Agronomy was created in 1990 with the aim of promoting the science of Agronomy and its use in agriculture and rural development across Europe. This is achieved with dedicated scientific symposia in collaboration with other scientific societies. Next FSD symposia will be held in Uruguay in March 2019 (further details to come).


Agro2015 - 5th Farming Systems Design,  September 7-10, 2015, Montpellier (France) 

FSD5 focused on “Multi-functional farming systems in a changing world” and was organized by the European Society for Agronomy (ESA) and the Agropolis scientific community.

First International Conference on Global Food Security , 29 September-october 2,  2013, Noordwijkerhout (The Netherlands)


4th Farming Systems Design, August 19-22, 2013, Lanzhou , China

4th Farming Systems Design, August 19-22, 2013, Lanzhou (China)

The 4th International Symposium for Farming Systems Design: Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture: Systems Research Helping to Meet the Needs and Managing the Trade-offs of A Challenging World, following the three successful previous symposia,  addressed some of the burning issues faced by the global community. The focus of the symposium will be on farming systems design with the emphasis on systems approaches, advanced methodologies, simulation modeling, and farming innovations.

3rd Farming Systems Design, 26-29 September 2011, Brisbane (Australia

3rd Farming Systems Design, 26-29 September 2011, Brisbane (Australia)

Australia, has hosted the 5th WCCA and 3rd FSD in  Brisbane to discuss current and future developments of sustainable agriculture next year. Read online the papers presented.


2nd Farming Systems Design Symposium, Monterey, CA, August 23-26 2009

This meeting was a joint international effort co-sponsored by the American Society of Agronomy, European Society of Agronomy, Australian Society of Agronomy, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, and the International Environmental Modeling and Software Society.


1st Farming Systems Design, Catania, Italy, September 2007