ESA Congress

A biennial congress

The European Society for Agronomy was created in 1990 with the aim of promoting the science of Agronomy and its use in agriculture and rural development across Europe. This is achieved with a biennial congress: the next one will be in Geneva (Switzerland) from Aug. 27-31, 2018. 

Nota bene: previously, CD of ESA congress proceedings were sent by regular mail. In order to be “green” and to avoid heavy postal costs hardly covered with low registration fees, proceedings will be downloadable from the website for all ESA members.
12th ESA Congress Helsinki, Finland

The 14th ESA Congress Edinburgh, Scotland

The XIVth ESA congress  was hosted by the Association of Applied Biologists and the Scotland's Rural College, from Sep. 5 to 9, 2016.


12th ESA Congress Helsinki, Finland

The 13th ESA Congress Debrecen, Hungary

The XIIIth ESA congress  has been hosted by the Centre for Agricultural and Applied Economic Sciences of the University of Debrecen, Hungary, between 25-29 August 2014.


The 12th ESA Congress Helsinki, Finland12th ESA Congress Helsinki, Finland

The 12th ESA congress took a number of themes from “agriculture at the extremes”, including tolerance to stresses, pushing the margins of sustainability, and extending models of crop growth to include responses to long days and cool droughts.


11th ESA Congress Montpellier, France

The 11th ESA Congress Montpellier, France: Agro2010

The 11th ESA congress creates the opportunity to organise an International Scientific Week, Agro2010 Montpellier, combining several symposia around agronomic research and its contribution to sustainable development.


The 10th ESA Congress, Bologna 2008

The Bologna Xth Congress of ESA “Multi-functional Agriculture - Agriculture as a Resource for Energy and Environmental Preservation”, met the needs of finding tools to deal with environmental problems coupled with the increasing demand for food, and filling the knowledge gap on the physiological relationships between functional compound bio-synthesis and agricultural practices.


The 9th ESA Congress, Warsaw 2006

The 8th ESA Congress, Copenhagen 2004

The 7th ESA Congress, Cordoba 2002